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What I show are drawings, volumes and photographs which represent skins, shields or other various protections.That is to say anything behind which I can shelter whilst the process of my evolution takes place.All these 'protections' are marked by time.

Drawing No.1 After a wound the skin has it's own way of remedy. The scabs protect the new delicate skin which is being formed , but the new skin keeps the traces of the wound.In the same way the body will deal directly with a problem but only time will heal the shock and the memory will keep the traces.

No.2 - 'The black skins'- like casted skins or sloughing, keep the traces of the old life leaving place for a new way of life to develop.
The graphite gives a metallic aspect which reflects attention, creating a barrier, behind which transformation/acceptaion can take place
This black graphite is like the coal dust I lived with in Yorkshire near the coal mines. The miners came home after a days work covered from head to toe in black dust; buildings were incrusted with black and when the housewife brought in the washing,she found it covered with black spots.

No. 3 The transparent hangings are like the skin casts of the whole body accumulated in time, or in the mind.The sewing marks and ink drawings are like the ageing and the texture of the skin. Grouped together these light skins create an intimate space of dreams

How I work

First of all I spend a long time just experimenting with any sort of matter, like the pigs bladders or intestines, latex, alginate, collagene; When you decide to use this sort of matter there are no books to explain how to use it, so I Have to deal with alot of surprises! These natural products may deteriorate in time,so the use is sometimes fragile. I sew, cook, macerate, iron, like a housewife and transform my discoveries into pieces of work.
No.4.The cocoons for example are marked with an iron like scarifications,and which is also used to mould the collagen into shape.
No. 5 The iron is also used to ' draw' the lace on the dryed intestines.
I also use different papers,like cigarette paper or tea-bag paper.
I draw with candle wax , shoe polish, chalk, dyes etc
Photographing all the test pieces, give a new vision and new ideas for experimenting and so on and so on.
Photographs of my own skin, covered with coal dust have been used for the armchair and table pieces ( No.6 and No.7)
The finger print (sewn collagene) was inspired by these photographs

What I want to show

My work is a daily witness of lifes problems of communication, between what we say and what we mean, what we think and what we do; trying to find our place in society, seeing the constant changing of the body, looking for a spirital attachment, in brief the fondamentale concerns that touch us all from birth to death.

The skin is the witness of the state of the body,
a psychique and sensorial envelope.(1) It is a barrier and a frontier.It has the capacity to transmit messages from the outside to the brain.
It is a social and religious witness. It is fragile and strong, permeable and imprmeable. It is capable of retaining the marks of changementrub out unimportant wounds. It can protect an interieur state but also reveels on the surface a good or bad health. It is the mirror of the soul.(2)It transmits a truth that cannot be hidden. My work until now represents all thes aspects.
The human being has found artifacts to disguise the body or transform the reality; More and more the society pushes the individual to hide behind these camouflages; clothing, cosmetics, esthetique surgery.
We all have several identities and labels,used at different times and for different purposes.Family attachments ( No. 8 The wedding veil )

No.9 Les Amorettes We all have different beliefs: religious, political, coutumes.
We all have different dreams and illusions(No. 8 The wedding veil made with intestines!)

What alot of layers! The more I uncover the more I discover!


(1) Didier Anzieu Le Moi-peau.
(2) Freud

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